• First year for prestigious environmental award for youngsters at Magor Marsh

    Monday 8th February, 2016

    Five youngsters from two local schools have become the first recipients of the prestigious John Muir environmental awards at Magor Marsh Nature Reserve. The youngsters from two schools, Caldicot School and Wyedean School, volunteer as Wildlife Warriors at Magor Marsh and were delighted when their hard work and dedication paid off.

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  • Independent report on badger vaccinations welcomed

    Friday 5th February, 2016

    The Wildlife Trusts in Wales welcome independent report on badger vaccination programme

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    Thursday 4th February, 2016

    It may be winter but there is lots to see and do outside!

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  • It's winter but there is still plenty to see!

    Tuesday 26th January, 2016

    Winter is here, no doubt about it, the leaves have long fallen from the trees and some of the bushes and vegetation have died back but this badger footprint (spotted near Penallt old church) is a reminder that there are some plus points to the Winter months.

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  • New Marine Protected Areas in Wales a step closer

    Wednesday 20th January, 2016

    New Marine Protected Areas in Wales could protect wildlife including iconic harbour porpoise and puffins!

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  • People & Wildlife Manager role in North Wales!

    Monday 18th January, 2016

    Fantastic new job opp - People & Wildlife Manager at North Wales Wildlife Trust

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  • 300 year old find in Magor Marsh!

    Tuesday 12th January, 2016

    The discovery of a 300 year old glass wine bottle by volunteers at Magor Marsh is a testament to the history of the site but also a reminder of the value and importance of preserving the site for centuries to come.

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  • Huge starling murmurations at Magor Marsh - A first!

    Thursday 7th January, 2016

    GWT are absolutely thrilled to have witnessed beautiful Starling murmurations against the sunset over Magor Marsh for the first time!

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  • Trusts speak out in support of Welsh Government badger vaccination programme

    Thursday 3rd December, 2015

    The Wildlife Trusts in Wales have expressed their concern at the shortage of BCG vaccine which has necessitated the suspension of badger vaccination programmes designed to reduce bovine tuberculosis in cattle.

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  • Wildflower meadows and pollinators safe in Torfaen - for now

    Thursday 26th November, 2015

    Rare wildflower meadows and pollinators are safe (for the time being) in Cwmbran as new housing development moves ahead on site of former police college adjacent to wildflower meadows.

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