Employee Health & Wellbeing

Employee Health & Wellbeing

Reward your staff with a memorable conservation experience - a team building day outdoors, working close to nature with colleagues on a project to benefit the local community.

After taking part in a health and wellbeing activity, the evidence shows that staff return to work feeling happier and healthier; more than 81% reported an improved sense of wellbeing following their time spent with their local Wildlife Trust. Many have gone on to become regular volunteers with their Trust, sustaining the benefits in the long term. Happy, healthy employees are more productive and stay longer with their employer.

Activities on offer at Gwent Wildlife Trust are:

Wild Workdays are team building activities at one of our nature reserves helping with projects such as creating footpaths, building bridges or habitat management.

Wildsquares is an opportunity to survey wildlife near your place of work to add to our ecology database.

Netwalks are guided talks to learn about wildlife at a nature reserve near you.

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Bridge building at Magor Marsh

Bridge building at Magor Marsh by Rob Waller