Habitat Management Advice

One major aspect of or work is managing habitats for the benefit of both wildlife and people. We work to promote Living Landscapes across Gwent, whereby habitats where nature can thrive are made bigger and better connected.

So we are keen to help if you have any queries regarding wildlife on your land, be it in your garden or on a larger landholding or farm. If you are fortunate enough to be a landowner we can offer surveys and habitat management advice. If desired we can visit your land, let you know what wildlife is there and how best to conserve it.

Local Wildlife Sites

This work has led to a network of hundreds of Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) across Gwent, providing wildlife connectivity through our landscape. These Local Wildlife Sites are considered to be of particular conservation value because of the habitats or species they support; and we in turn support the landowners in conserving these through Surveys, Advice, Grants when available, Newsletters and Landowner Days.

If you would like more information on LWS, please read this leaflet. We have also produced 20 Land Management Toolkits relating to a whole range of habitat types and management issues, available below.

Contact us about habitat management

For further information please contact:
Andy Karran – Senior Conservation Ecologist.

e-mail akarran@gwentwildlife.org

tel – 01600 740600