Heron House team enjoy a Welsh wildlife safari!

Heron House team enjoy a Welsh wildlife safari!

Heron House Financial Management at Pentwyn by Amanda Jones

Gwent Wildlife Trust business members Heron House Financial Management go on a Welsh wildlife safari at Pentwyn Farm and Wyeswood Common Nature Reserves, and discover how our sheep and cattle are helping restore wildflower-rich meadows.

Friday, 17th September. Gwent Wildlife Trust was delighted to welcome the team from Heron House Financial Management in Newport to enjoy a "Welsh wildlife safari" at their Pentwyn and Wyeswood Nature Reserve near Monmouth.

The Newport-based Financial Management company has been supporting Gwent Wildlife Trust as a business member since 2017 and are keen to learn more about local wildlife and what else they can do as a business to help with nature's recovery.

Saran Allott-Davey, Managing Director at Heron House said, "We wanted to do something as a team to deepen our partnership with Gwent Wildlife Trust, as part of our celebrations of our first year of Employee Ownership this September. A walk around the reserve was a great way to find out more about how our support is helping Gwent Wildlife Trust with local nature conservation as well as an opportunity for the team to enjoy getting together outdoors."

The team had a list of 9 wildlife species to discover on the walk, including crickets, butterflies, wildflowers and birds, and enjoyed finding out more about these whilst looking and listening out for them on the tour. 

The walk was led by Gwent Wildlife Trust volunteer shepherd Pauline Gaywood, who explained how Hebridean Sheep and Hereford Cattle - GWT's flock of 'conservation grazers' - help to create the best conditions for wildflowers in the meadows by stamping, chomping and pooing! 

Through the local charity-business partnership, Gwent Wildlife Trust have also been advising Heron House with wildlife garden design and planting at their Newport office. Gwent Wildlife Trust will be working with the team at Heron House to create a wildlife pond, bug hotels and planting for pollinators to create an urban wildlife haven, attracting pollinators and birds whilst creating a relaxing space for staff to enjoy.

We wanted to do something as a team to deepen our partnership with Gwent Wildlife Trust
Saran Allott-Davey, Managing Director

Gwent Wildlife Trust and Heron House Financial Management would like to thank volunteer photographer Amanda Jones for taking these photographs of the day and Pauline Gaywood for leading the walk and talk around Pentwyn and Wyeswood.

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