Managing land for wildlife

Grassland restoration works Grassland restoration works

Many landowners that we meet, would like advice on how to manage their land for wildlife. The information below relates to some of the key habitats in Gwent and common questions we're asked.

For many habitats and species there are specific things you can do to help them. But before doing anything it's important to find out what wildlife is already there. You could find you already have wildlife-rich land that doesn't require any changes in management, or discover new wildlife or the potential for wildlife that would benefit from a change in management.

If you are a landowner seeking habitat management advice please contact us for more information

Please also see our current and past project webpages.


Habitat Management Factsheets for download (bottom of page):

Additional factsheets to be added shortly on hogweed control, drystone walls, hedgerows, veteran trees, mistletoe




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