Wildlife Guardians

Hedgehog (Tom Marshall)

Wildlife Guardians are like-minded individuals who are financially committed to protecting the natural heritage of Gwent. Within living memory our county was rich with birdsong, colourful wildflowers and a glorious abundance of native wild animals and plants.

Today, it is a very different story. Many of our precious wildlife species are in decline or dangerously close to extinction. Agricultural intensification, urban development and climate changes have all had an impact on our landscape over the last century. Woodlands have been cleared, wetlands drained and hedgerows removed.

Gwent Wildlife Trust is determined to do something about this. We will create landscapes where wildlife is flourishing and recovering from past decline. This approach to conservation is called Living Landscapes. We have already begun, by making our nature reserves even bigger, even better and where we can, we’re linking them together.

By joining the Wildlife Guardians, you will play a big part in protecting our wildlife and creating this landscape. Gwent Wildlife Trust already has an impressive track record of conservation successes; with your help we can work even harder to protect local wildlife for future generations.

To become a Wildlife Guardian, please click here. To find out more, please call Debbie Stenner on 01600 740600 or email her on dstenner@gwentwildlife.org.

Wildlife Guardian - Hazel

£500 could pay for a Really Wild Day Out for twenty school children

Hazel Dormouse (Ian Pratt)

Wildlife Guardian - Elder

£1,000 could enable us to fight a damaging planning application

Treecreeper (Neil Aldridge)

Wildlife Guardian - Rowan

£2,500 could fund one year's livestock management on a GWT reserve


Prisk Wood (Jane Corey)


Wildlife Guardian - Willow

£5,000 could buy an acre of threatened habitat


Common Spotted Orchids (Jon Prince)

Wildlife Guardian - Oak

£10,000 could purchase specialist equipment to help manage our sensitive wildflower meadows

Green Hairstreak (North East Wildlife)