Judicial Review verdict gives backing to an M4 relief road proposal that would break our living landscape!

Thursday 26th March 2015

Thursday 26th March heralded the arrival of some grave news as a judiciary review has given a verdict in favour of the Welsh Government’s continuation of a proposed M4 relief road that will cut through the Gwent Levels landscape.

Gwent Wildlife Trust, Wildlife Trust Wales and Friends of the Earth Cymru are deeply saddened by this verdict as the proposed route poses a continued threat to landscape and wildlife. As an organisation that has been working hard to protect the Levels for over 50 years, GWT firmly believes that in this modern age there is a wider suite of options outside of the proposed relief road that should be considered. The ‘black’ route being favoured could potentially break this living landscape and greatly hinder continued efforts to make the county a better place for people and wildlife. 

GWT has been at the forefront of significant conservation work across the Gwent Levels, including our water vole reintroduction schemes. The proposed relief road could potentially fragment this fragile and recovering water vole population that lives in the Gwent Levels.

Gwent Wildlife Trust, Wildlife Trusts Wales and Friends of the Earth Cymru Wales will continue to work to defend the incredible variety of wildlife in the Gwent Levels and safeguard the living landscape for future generations.
To find out more about the potential effects of the M4 relief road please see our new video ‘Save Our Levels’ or view our ‘Campaigns’ section of our website to find out more about our continued work in opposing the M4 relief road.