Our impact

We protect wildlife

For over 60 years, Gwent Wildlife Trust have been saving wildlife and wild places and helping people to get closer to nature. We look after nature reserves, covering over 680 hectares, operate 2 education centres in the southeast and northwest of Gwent.

We work closely with schools, colleges and universities, with farmers and landowners, companies, big and small;  with community groups and other environmental organisations;  with lotteries, charitable trusts and foundations;  with politicians from across the political spectrum;  with local and national governments;  and more.

We are one of 5 Wildlife Trusts in Wales working closely together, and part of the movement of 46 Wildlife Trusts across the UK fighting for a Wilder Future.

In 2018/19...

682 Hectares of Nature Reserves managed
2,200 people came to wildlife events
50 plus school visits
17,000 Hours activity with volunteers

What we do

Find out about some of the things we do to take action for wildlife and help people in Gwent work towards a Wilder Future