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Alix and Mélanie's last weeks at the ERC

Posted: Friday 20th September 2019 by ERC Team

For this month, we also chose to do a summary because as for the precedent month, we worked much inside on our projects.

From the 02nd of September to the 13th of September:

The first week of the month, we weeded in a reserve of the enterprise: Dan-y-Graig. It was hard work. However, we also did less physical things when we worked on our internship reports. I did my last interview. We went to Silent Valley to finish our projects but we had a problem. When we wanted to begin Alix’s project, the battery of the GPS was empty. So we just went back to the office.

The second and last week began with Alix’s interview. She couldn’t finish it because of timing issues. We went to a meeting where all the staff was present. So it was interesting to see how the decisions are made in the enterprise and how everybody communicates with the others about company projects. We went one last time to Silent Valley to work only on Alix’s project because I have enough data for mine and also because we have a lot of work to do for Alix’s. We proceeded to do our school work. On Friday, Tom took us to Magor Marsh, one of the enterprise’s reserves near Newport and after that we went to see the head office. In the afternoon, we went to Pentwyn Farm and Monmouth. Afterwards, we tried to find Adders at 600 meters of altitude but we were not lucky because we found none. It was very interesting to see the central offices of the company and to see other reserves. Moreover, the weather and the countryside were lovely.

This is how our adventures in Wales will end.

Alix and I are happy to have experienced these 3 months with this enterprise. We have been able to see how a company acts on all aspects in particular in terms of the staff. We have been able to discover another culture. Moreover, especially for me, I have improved my English level. On an individual basis, we gained in openness about a way of life and a way to work.
All these things couldn’t have been possible without our colleagues who were present during all of our internship through their listening, their availability and their explanations. Furthermore, we also thank the people who took time to answer our questions for our school work and all the volunteers who we met during the volunteering days and who provide an important help in the protection of the environment.


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