Gwent Wildlife Trust's response to the State of Nature Report 2019

In response to the State of Nature report 2019 release, Gwent Wildlife Trust’s Acting Chief Executive Gemma Bodé said: “The State of Nature Report 2019 provides extensive evidence for what we, sadly, already know too well – that our precious and irreplaceable nature is becoming more and more depleted. Now, one out of every six species in Wales are at risk of extinction. Species like Lapwing, European eel and Freshwater Pearl Mussel which are currently present in Gwent might not exist in another generation.
“Gwent Wildlife Trust are striving against tremendous odds to reverse these declines across the Gwent landscape. With the support of our members and volunteers, we’re creating more nature reserves like our newest at Bridewell Common and working with other landowners to create bigger, better and more connected habitats. We are sharing our knowledge and expertise to promote better management of woodlands at Croes Robert Wood and elsewhere and inspiring and empowering people of all ages to care about our wonderful natural world, such as at our Education Centres in Ebbw Vale and Magor.
“The report is a stark warning – but it is not too late. We believe that if everyone plays their part, and there is the political will, nature can recover in Gwent. Restoration of our natural world can be a success if we all work together and we urge anyone who cares about wildlife to get in touch with us to find out how they can help.”
State of Nature Report 2019

State of Nature Partnership