Injured wildlife

Fox GWTFox by Jon Hawkins

Who can help the injured wildlife?

Many people contact us about injured birds and animals of many kinds. However, we are a nature conservation charity, not a wildlife rescue charity, so unfortunately we cannot deal with injured wildlife. Please see below for a list of organisations that care for injured wildlife. Please note that not all organisations can collect injured wildlife, please contact them for further advice.

I’ve found an injured (wild) animal. What do I do?

Do not handle an injured animal as some wildlife can be very dangerous, so GET ADVICE FIRST. Call the RSPCA on 0300 1234999 for advice.

Not all animals will be injured; some may appear abandoned or lost but many young animals will not have been abandoned by their parents. They will be having a happy little explore while their parents are out foraging. By interfering (unless there is an immediate danger) you may discourage the parents from returning or continuing to look after their young, so wherever possible, leave them be. If you are convinced that the parents have abandoned the young, try and observe them from a distance for at least 24 hours before calling a rescue centre. Chances are you’ll see a happy reunion. If not, ring the RSPCA on 0300 1234999 for further advice.

I’ve found a dead animal (wild or domestic). What do I do?

Contact your local council for further advice.

If the animal is a protected species (badger, bat) it’s also a good idea to report it to a conservation group with an interest in that species. For badgers ring the Gwent Badger Group’s 24 hour Badger Helpline: 07831 623627. For bats ring the Bat Conservation Trust’s Bat Helpline: 0845 1300228

If you feel a crime has been committed, you can contact Gwent Police on: 01633 838111 or your local Wildlife Crime Officers below: 

Blaenau Gwent

PC 1494 Rob Heel – Abertillery
PC 207 Ian Withers – Ebbw Vale


PC 1150 Mark Wilkinson – Bedwas
PC 2005 Alan Tinsley – Risca


PC 2058 Peter Lewis – Chepstow
PC 576 Maldwyn John – Abergavenny


PC 986 Adrian Walters – Marshfield
PC 682 Anthony Williams – Llanmartin


PC 668 Mark Ruddick – Cwmbran