• Help our water vole project win big in Tesco’s Bags of Help initiative!

    Tuesday 3rd January, 2017

    We are delighted that our Magnificent Marshy Mammals project has been shortlisted for a public vote in the Tesco Bags of Help initiative! Please help us by voting when you shop in Tesco this January.

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  • How are the Cattle doing at Wyeswood Common?

    Monday 28th November, 2016

    Clare Durose, our Conservation Grazing Trainee gives us an update on how our brand new herd of Hereford cattle are doing.

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  • Help save ancient woodland

    Wednesday 23rd November, 2016

    Beech trees at Craig Gwent (Jane Corey)

    Can you help save irreplaceable ancient woodland near Pontypool?

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  • Find wildlife stars of John Lewis Christmas advert in your Gwent garden

    Friday 18th November, 2016

    GWT is encouraging everyone to have a wildlife encounter this winter.

    John Lewis donates to 47 wildlife trusts including GWT

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  • First Welsh Crane born in 400 years!

    Tuesday 8th November, 2016

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  • State of Nature 2016: Wales – one in 14 species heading for extinction

    Wednesday 28th September, 2016

    Children in Welsh wildflower meadow. Photo credit: Gemma Bodé

    Last week, the ‘State of Nature 2016: Wales’ report was launched. The findings are stark and saddening – one in fourteen species in Wales are heading for extinction. Over 50 research organisations and wildlife charities, including the Wildlife Trusts, came together to produce the report; building on the ground-breaking ‘State of Nature 2013: Wales’ report, a clearer picture has now emerged of the perilous state of Welsh wildlife.

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  • Delay the urge to cut your hedgerows!

    Wednesday 14th September, 2016

    With news from the first ‘State of Britain’s Dormice 2016’ report that hazel dormouse numbers have declined by a staggering 38% since 2000, Gwent Wildlife Trust (GWT) is urging you to delay cutting back and neatening hedgerows at this time of year. Many common hedgerow shrubs, such as hawthorn, hazel, field maple and bramble, provide a rich and crucial source of food for invertebrates, birds and mammals.

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  • GWT upholding objection to M4 relief road

    Wednesday 13th July, 2016

    Vast reen structure set to be affected by M4 relief road

    Thanks to all of your objections to the potential M4 relief road, a public inquiry will now be held in the Autumn. If you sent an objection to the Welsh Government, please read this advisory note from our Chief Executive Ian Rappel about our stance.

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  • What's next for Britain's Wildlife?

    Friday 24th June, 2016

    Nicholas Moylan

    With the EU Referendum over, the challenges faced by the UK’s wildlife are as great as they have ever been. Wildlife is under real pressure from intensive land use and sometimes insensitive development on land and at sea. Our lives are becoming more remote from the natural world.

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  • Mass of marine litter collected at Peterstone foreshore

    Wednesday 11th May, 2016

    Volunteers and staff from local organisations came together to take part in one of the largest coordinated beach clean at Peterstone foreshore in Gwent.

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