Stay Wild about Gwent

More than 750 people from all over Gwent joined tens of thousands of others around the UK during The Wildlife Trust’s annual 30 Days Wild event in June.

Each participant received a pack aimed at encouraging people to connect with nature, which  included wildflower seeds, an activity calendar and ideas to inspire them to do daily Random Acts of Wildness.

The 30 Days Wild Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds were abuzz with people sharing experiences, where people shared photos of themselves out and about in the great outdoors, as well their snapshots of species they had spotted, with everything from bumblebees and birds to orchids and egrets being sighted during the month.

Thank you to everyone who took part and we ask that you please don’t stop enjoying wildlife now that June is over. Make sure you continue to make nature part of your life, every single day of the year.

Go to 30 Days Wild page on this website for all the latest news and events about Gwent’s wonderful wildlife and to find out about the many ways you can get involved.


30 Days Wild

Dani Cox