Help us to help nature in need near you, says Gwent Wildlife Trust

Help us to help nature in need near you, says Gwent Wildlife Trust

Gabi Horup

The pandemic has made us all realise how important a daily dose of nature in our lives is for our health and well-being. For many people, our time in the great outdoors has become an essential and welcome part of our new ‘normal’ day-to-day routine.

Gwent Wildlife Trust manage 33 nature reserves across Gwent, all of which have remained open and free to access throughout the pandemic and Covid-19 lockdowns.

We took this decision because we understand the importance to people of access to green spaces to get their daily dose of nature, particularly during this difficult year. And, as a result we've seen unprecedented numbers of people visiting and enjoying their nature reserves this year. For example, our flagship and oldest reserve on the Gwent Levels – Magor Marsh, saw nearly 6,000 visitors to the 36 hectare site last summer.

Our Senior Education Officer Kathy Barclay said: “5,907 people came to Magor Marsh in June and July this year, compared to 3,862 in the same period last year. “Many people have told me how important Magor Marsh was for their wellbeing over the lockdown period. “This was also reflected in the phenomenal speed that families booked our socially-distanced summer pond dipping sessions when we were finally in a position to offer these after the extended Welsh lockdown.”

However, while the need to be in and around nature and interest in Gwent Wildlife Trust reserves has grown, sadly, income generated our their face to face events and fundraising activities has diminished due to Covid-19 restrictions.

This is why we have launched our Nature Reserves Appeal.

We hope that everyone who benefitted from the great outdoors, and at our reserves this year, will do their bit to help their local wildlife in this time of need.

We want to raise £25,000 to help our charity to manage and restore our 33 nature reserves around Gwent, so that they are always there for people and wildlife now, and in the future.
We have nature reserves across Gwent, including Silent Valley near Ebbw Vale, Strawberry Cottage Wood near Abergavenny, Magor Marsh on the Gwent Levels, and Pentwyn Farm in the lower Wye Valley. Dormice, water voles, otters and Shrill Carder bees are just a few of the thousands of rare and endangered species, which we help to protect, through our expert conservation work.

“Nature provides for us every day through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the wildlife and scenery we enjoy, so now that nature needs our help I hope that you will support our efforts to save it. Please support our efforts for people and nature in Gwent. We want to continue to keep our nature reserves open to all, now and for the future but we cannot do it alone.”
Chief Executive Adam Taylor
Gwent Wildlife Trust

Support our Nature Reserves Appeal

If you would like to give back to nature and support our Gwent Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves Appeal please visit: call us on 01600 740600 or email To find out where the nearest Gwent Wildlife Trust nature reserves is to you, simply visit:

And if you want to provide longer lasting support for nature then why not become a Gwent Wildlife Trust member, by visiting: