President & Vice-Presidents


Roger James


Martin Anthoney

Trevor Evans

Mary Field

David Leat

David Parsons

Stephanie Tyler

David Richards



Alison Willott


Robert Waller


Sue Finn


Norman Williams


Huw Evans

Richard Waller

Chris Hatch

Julia James

David Jones

Keith Allen

Fay Mansell


GWT staff

Gwent Wildlife Trust Head Office

Gwent Wildlife Trust is a charity run by staff, volunteers and a committee of fifteen trustees.

Executive and Core Functions

  • Chief Executive: Ian Rappel
  • Finance & Administration Manager: Leigh Danziger
  • Finance & Administration Officer: Sarah Binmore
  • IT & Administration Officer: Anthony Cook
  • Marketing & Membership Manager: Debbie Stenner
  • Membership Support Officer: Dipti Patel
  • Fundraising Officer: Robert Magee
  • Senior Press and Communication Officer: Sarah Harris
  • Senior Membership Recruitment Officer: Martyn Wright

Living Valleys Team

  • Living Valleys Manager: Veronika Brannovic
  • Living Valleys Learning Officer: Becky Ward
  • Living Valleys Senior Reserves Officer: Tom Eyles
  • Living Valleys Reserves Officer: Liz Winstanley

Gwent Levels Living Landscape

  • Gwent Levels Living Landscape Manager: Gemma Bodé
  • Senior Magor Marsh Community Wildlife Education Officer: Kathy Barclay
  • Magor Marsh Community Wildlife Education Officer: Petra Mitchard
  • Senior Reserves Officer: Richard Bakere
  • Conservation Project Officer: Lowri Watkins

Usk to Wye Living Landscape

  • Usk to Wye Living Landscape Manager: Neville Hart
  • Senior Farm & Wildlife Development Officer: Tim Green
  • Local Wildlife Sites Officer: Andy Karran
  • Woodland Conservation Officer: Doug Lloyd
  • Wild Health Project Officer: Ian Thomas

Grants & Planning

  • Senior Development Officer: Alice Rees
  • Conservation Officer: Lindi Rich
  • Conservation Officer: Michael Webb

To email any of our staff, please email

in the first instance.

A great deal of our every day work both in the offices and outside in the reserves and the community is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers, too numerous to mention individually. For that support, thank you.