Local Wildlife Sites – SE Wales Project

Common Spotted Orchids (credit: Andy Karran)Common Spotted Orchids (credit: Andy Karran)

The Local Wildlife Sites – SE Wales Project is a joint collaboration with the Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales (WTSWW). The project aims through close liaison with landowners to help identify and support the care of some of the best places for wildlife in Gwent and across South East Wales - known as ‘Local Wildlife Sites'.

What is the LWS Project?

The project seeks to build upon highly successful past GWT projects such as the Gwent Grassland Initiative and Natural Assets Project. Much of the previous work has been focused upon Monmouthshire with a network of 400+ LWS identified. It is now the intention to start work to extend this network across the whole of Gwent (Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen) and with WTSWW as far west as Swansea.

The project aims to work closely with the landowners and managers of some of S.E. Wales best places for wildlife to incorporate them as part of the 'Local Wildlife Sites' network, improve their value and thereby secure these special sites for future generations. Project staff are able assist with wildlife surveys, management advice (including the provision of “Habitat Management Toolkits” (downloadable below)), plus help with an associated grant scheme. The project is a Pilot Study during 2014 focusing on a small number of grassland/heathland sites in each Local Authority area. It is hoped that in the future other habitat types will be included, many more sites will be involved and additional grants will be available to help with items such as fencing to help a neglected site be grazed, scrub clearance and hedge-laying.

The Project Aims to:

 • To support the preservation and enhancement of some of SE Wales’s best places for wildlife – known as Local Wildlife Sites.
• To support this through the provision of habitat management advice and currently limited small capital grants to landowners and local community groups to maintain and enhance these high value sites.

What’s on offer to landowners?

• Free wildlife survey of your site - to determine it’s value and inform management.
• Free wildlife and habitat management advice including “Habitat Management Toolkits”
• Grants Scheme (£1,750 per site) - to help support the enhancement and restoration of Local Wildlife Sites in Gwent. For example fencing or water trough provision to enable grassland to be sensitively grazed, Bracken control, restoring traditional field boundaries (hedge-laying), alien invasive species control (Japanese Knotweed etc.).
• Local Wildlife Site landowner days to help you learn more about the wildlife your land as well as support and share experiences with other Local Wildlife Site owners.

For more information

Contact: Andy Karran, Wildlife Sites Officer, Gwent Wildlife Trust. Email: akarran@gwentwildlife.org

A Local Wildlife Site Leaflet is available to download below. 

The project is funded through the Resilient Ecosystems Fund (REF) (2013-2015) together with contributions from Local Authorities and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. The REF is funded by the Welsh Government and administered by Natural Resources Wales in association with the Wales Biodiversity Partnership.


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no.1_habitat_management_toolkit_-_neutral_grassland_hay_meadows_final.pdf2.74 MB
no.2_habitat_management_toolkit_-_neutral_grassland_pasture_final.pdf2.21 MB
no.3_habitat_management_toolkit_-_acid_grassland_final.pdf2.66 MB
no.4_habitat_management_toolkit_-_calcareous_grassland_final.pdf2.01 MB
no.5_habitat_management_toolkit_-_marshy_grassland_final.pdf1.53 MB
no.6_habitat_management_toolkit_-_marshy_grassland_with_marsh_fritillaries_final.pdf1.03 MB
no.7_habitat_management_toolkit_-_heath_final.pdf2.52 MB
no.8_habitat_management_toolkit_-_hedgerows_final_4_pages.pdf6.8 MB
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no.10_habitat_management_toolkit_-_ponds_lakes_final.pdf1.85 MB
no.11_habitat_management_toolkit_-_scrub_control_final.pdf5.04 MB
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