Save the Gwent Levels

Protecting the Gwent Levels

For decades, Gwent Wildlife Trust has been working to restore, enhance and protect this vitally important landscape for wildlife and people, in the face of multiple threats from climate change to inappropriate development pressure.

A landscape under threat

The Gwent Levels are an iconic, estuarine landscape of International significance. Reclaimed from the sea in Roman times, the Gwent Levels are a criss-crossed network of fertile fields and historic watercourses, known locally as reens.

The Gwent Levels is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife. Gradual changes to the landscape followed by centuries of human's maintenance of the watercourses means that the Gwent Levels is now home to a rich abundance of fascinating and rare aquatic invertebrates (watery bugs) in the country.

The levels also support a wide variety of birds, particularly waders and waterfowl.  A number of European protected species and UK protected species have been confirmed to be present, including dormice, grass snake, some bat species, otter, great crested newt and water vole. The charismatic water voles had become locally extinct from the Levels but are now increasing thanks to our reintroduction programme.