Primary School (KS2)

Activities for Primary Key Stage 2

The activities listed below are just a few of our more popular ones.  The activities last for half a day but can be extended to a full day.  Many schools stay for the day and experience the delights of the Nature Reserve more fully, by combining a couple of the activities below.   

Many of our activities are transferable to your setting, so we are able to offer an outreach services for those schools who are unable to come to us.  Please contact us for further details.

Come and discover what’s lurking in the watery depths of our reens!  Depending on the age of your children, you’ll learn a bit about the history of the reens, how to reen dip safely and what kind of creatures live in the water.  This can very naturally lead onto food chains within the reen!  Come back to the classroom for a really close encounter with your ‘finds’ using our microscopes and magnifying glasses, and learn some fascinating facts about these creatures.  A guaranteed hit!  For older children you may like the focus to be on classifying, using Id keys or animal adaptations.  You can also hget a CREST Discovery Award for these activities.
Go in search of minibeasts that inhabit Magor Marsh.  Look under logs, shake some branches and rummage in the grass.  If you look really carefully you might even find a newt, frog or toad!  Learn to identify some of the minibeasts you find there.  You may wish to use just one technique, or why not have a go at a few, so that the children understand that minibeasts live in a variety of habitats.
Learn to identify some of our beautiful plants and flowers or trees.  Produce some detailed and annotated drawings to aid recognition and memory.  Some of our plants can even be useful!  An activity that certainly enhances the children’s observational and drawing skills.  For those looking for a more scientific slant on things, we can look at plant / tree parts, what they need to grow, reproduce and how seeds can be dispersed.
Getting up close and friendly with flowers, only to pull them apart to find out exactly how they work and the importance of pollination and native plants.  All reinforced through a spot of acting and running around!
...Out in our Forest School!  Thinking about what the impact of a road development might be on the local environment and its inhabitants – human and otherwise.  Be prepared to get into character!
A Trail exploring the life cycle of the swan.  The children will find out for themselves how big a swan’s nest is, build one and compare their arm span to that of a swan’s wingspan.  Alternatively we can do a session on birds in general and their features, in our Birds, Birds, Birds, trail.
Come and explore all your senses to the max!  Think like an animal!  How well do you cope without sight?  Sniff out another animal?  Or even protect yourself from another animal?
A topic for older children (Y4+) exploring how the survival of animals big and small are inextricably linked with their environment and each other.  It looks at the importance of biodiversity and sustainability and the impact we humans have on them.  A heavy subject delivered with a touch of fun!
Instruction writing for your very own den,  creating a Memory Stick and mud monsters are just some of the activities to inspire young poets. 
Counting your steps, measuring the depth and spotting patterns in nature - all ways to have fun with maths here at Magor Marsh.  Ask Kathy and Petra how you can fill the whole day with it!!
We have linked up with the Heritage Lottery Living Levels Partnership to bring you a day of Celtic Fun for your children.  We learn what they ate, how they lived and what was important to the Celts on this site.   A real life experience for everyone. It was a hard life but we'll make it easy for you to understand. 

Forest Schools

We are able to offer a Forest Schools service with two trained Level 3 officers, with or without a campfire at Magor Marsh or your own setting.  It is an experience guaranteed to engage, inspire and enthral!  Please ask for further details.

Booking and Charges

To make a booking or enquiry, please contact Petra or Kathy by calling 01600 740600 (option 6) or email:

To give you an idea of cost, we generally charge:
Half-day visit = £3.00 per child + VAT  (min charge £35)
Full day visit = £4.00 per child + VAT (min charge £50)

(Please note:  We reserve the right to cancel / alter arrangements at short notice if conditions on the reserve are likely to compromise your safety).