All this will be gone......

Today is the start of a Public Enquiry that will decide if around 250ha* of land proposed for Circuit Wales near Rassau, adjacent to the Brecon Beacons National Park, will be de-registered as Common land paving the way for the hugely damaging racing circuit.

Local Wildlife Photographer and naturalist Chris Hatch has recently taken a set of wonderful photos of wildlife that has been recorded at the site proposed for Circuit Wales. 

Some of this wildlife and the habitats that can be found there is nationally important, and if Circuit Wales is given the go ahead......all this will be gone.

Gwent Wildlife Trust will be representing the wildlife at the Public Enquiry, and our aspiration that there is some left for our children to enjoy, and our childrens children in the future.

*An earlier version of this page contained a typographical error regarding the size of the site. We sincerely apologise for this mistake.

Photos from top to bottom; Barn owl, Adder, Blue Damselfly, Cladonia, Tawny Owl, Otter, Long-eared Owl, Black Darter Dragonfly, waterfall