• Come along to our Funday!

    Wednesday 11th July, 2018

    Kathy and Petra at Magor Marsh. Photo credit: Lowri Watkins.

    Gwent Wildlife Trust (GWT) have organised a great day out for all the family this Saturday, (July 14) with our Grand Summer Funday, at Magor Marsh nature reserve.

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  • The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has visited the M4 threatened Gwent Levels.

    Thursday 31st May, 2018

    Wales’ Commissioner Sophie Howe recently made time in her busy schedule for a guided tour of the Gwent Levels and Magor Marsh Nature Reserve after being invited to the area by Gwent Wildlife Trust (GWT).

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  • The Gwent Levels - a priceless landscape for people and wildlife and a picturesque asset to the Newport Marathon.

    Thursday 26th April, 2018

    The Newport Marathon route and the Proposed New M4 route

    Gwent Wildlife Trust (GWT) have welcomed news that Welsh Government and Newport City Council will invest between them £210,000 in the future of the Gwent Levels over the next three years, courtesy of the city’s marathon.

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  • Rare birds return to the M4 threatened landscape of the Gwent Levels.

    Friday 13th April, 2018

    A common crane photographed on the Gwent Levels by Hugh Gregory

    Gwent Wildlife Trust (GWT) says rare cranes have returned to the Gwent Levels to breed on the route of the proposed M4.

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  • Wilko charity of the year partnership

    Wednesday 11th April, 2018

    Gwent Wildlife Trust and Wilko DC2

    Thank you Wilko for choosing Gwent Wildlife Trust as your charity of the year and raising a whopping £76,920 since 2016 to support our work protecting wildlife for the future.

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  • M4 Public Inquiry ends but Gwent Wildlife Trust’s epic battle to save precious wetlands continues.

    Wednesday 28th March, 2018

    The Gwent Levels by Neil Aldridge

    As the M4 Public Inquiry concluded, Gwent Wildlife Trust (GWT) made a plea to the Inspectors not to destroy Wales’ equivalent of the Amazon rainforest.

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  • £2.5m National Lottery Funding for the Gwent Living Levels.

    Tuesday 13th March, 2018

    A grant of £2.5 million from the National Lottery has been secured to help recapture, enhance and celebrate the unique heritage of the historic Gwent Levels landscape.

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  • GWT want Acorn of an idea for schoolchildren to grow!

    Thursday 1st March, 2018

    Gwent Wildlife Trust (GWT) plan to give a pictorial poetry book to every primary school in Gwent, to inspire children about the wildlife around them.

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  • Gwent Wildlife Trust M4 campaign

    Wednesday 28th February, 2018

    The Gwent Levels by Neil Aldridge

    Gwent Wildlife Trust (GWT) is battling to save Wales’ own equivalent of the Amazon rainforest - the Gwent Levels.

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  • A new M4 would jeopardise conservation work to save the UK’s fastest declining mammal.

    Monday 26th February, 2018

    A water vole on the Gwent Levels. Photo: Neil Aldridge.

    Gwent Wildlife Trust's work successfully helping endangered water voles will be jeopardised, if plans for the new M4 motorway go ahead.

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