How are the Cattle doing at Wyeswood Common?

Monday 28th November 2016

Clare Durose, our Conservation Grazing Trainee gives us an update on how our brand new herd of Hereford cattle are doing.

“Since I started in June 2016, I have seen the cattle thrive on the fields at Wyeswood. The cattle were purchased in March 2016 as part of the Give for Grazing appeal and they are certainly playing their role!

There are eleven Hereford steer cattle grazing Wyeswood and they are a fantastic addition, along with the sheep, as conservation grazers. The livestock different method of grazing helps slow down the growth of thistles and nettles, whilst also helping manage the growth of other plant species such as clover.

The cattle are pasture fed and organic, which means they get all their nutrients they need straight off the fields of Wyeswood.

Hereford herd (Clare Durose)The cattle at Wyeswood have been the focus point of my university research project, where I have been monitoring their day-to-day behaviour patterns; they happily spend most of their time grazing and ruminating, where they can chew up to 80,000 times per day!

Overall, the cattle are a well-loved addition to Wysewood common, they are happily putting on weight and they have all passed their Tb tests! They are very laid back grazers, although, they do have their cheeky moments from time to time! But they aren’t phased by members of the public walking their dogs through the fields.

I certainly have a soft spot for them!”

Thank you all who supported our Give for Grazing appeal, remember you can still donate £5 simply by JustTextGiving, text MOOO16 £5 to 70070 or by visiting GWT website: