Celebrating GWT's Volunteers during Volunteers' Week!

Celebrating GWT's Volunteers during Volunteers' Week!

Volunteer shepherd Pauline with Gwent Wildlife Trust's herd of Hereford cattle

Volunteering takes place all around us, but we don’t always notice it or think about what goes into making it happen. As we celebrate Volunteers' Week 2021, we want to say a huge “THANK YOU” to the Gwent Wildlife Trust volunteers who champion their local environment and wildlife.

More than 170 volunteers donate hundreds of hours each year to GWT,  helping us champion natural solutions by encouraging the sustainable management of natural resources. 

At the same time volunteers build friendships, share and develop skills and improve their health and wellbeing.

Last year - 2020 was an unprecedented year with volunteers having to rest as the pandemic and local lockdowns impacted our activities.  Our incredible volunteers patiently waited until we could safely resume our volunteer activities.

When I speak with volunteers I am always inspired by their passion for the wildlife and their local communities.  They talk to me about how grateful they are to be able to participate in our activities and how making even just a ‘small’ impact on the environment is inspiration for volunteering with us.


But what exactly do our wonderful band of volunteers do for GWT, you might ask...

Come rain or shine, practical land management takes place out on our reserves with volunteer teams recently working at Dixton Embankment, Springdale Farm and Croes Robert. These volunteers are involved in tasks such as coppicing, scrub clearance, grassland management, fencing, and path maintenance.

Volunteers take part in botanical and species surveying and monitoring including the cute Dormice monitoring takes place on a variety of our reserves with our Evidence team.

Livestock checking is an important activity that our volunteer shepherds are engaged in at Pentwyn Farm,

Gwent Wildlife Trusts Volunteers are people who acknowledge the contribution they can make to the world today and who actively take a stand to make that difference for the future. 

From all of us at GWT, thank you volunteers for everything you do for our charity, we couldn't do what we do without you!