30 Days Wild with Lucy Holland

30 Days Wild with Lucy Holland

30 Days Wild 2020 has gone off with a roar! In fact I think the amount of people participating and tweeting about it online actually broke twitter! Un-BEE-lieveable! It has been so amazing to see the variety of incredible, creative, helpful and mindful activities that people have been doing for 30 Days Wild, and as I write this blog it is only the beginning!

With a background in conservation and a nature enthusiast working in environmental policy, connecting with nature has always been a major part of my everyday life. Before the launch of 30 Days Wild I have been spending my free time outdoors, setting up trail cameras around my garden and the neighbouring forest. I have documented many fascinating animals such as fallow deer, foxes, badgers, blue tits, woodpeckers, a heron and jays! The best part of observing these animals has been getting an insight into their interesting natural behaviour, and learning about their family groups, especially the deer! These three females are always together and they love resting in our garden.

I love trail cameras because they are non-invasive, animals can carry on as normal without being disturbed. Although setting up a trail camera was definitely a learning curve. For the first couple of weeks I gathered around 2000 images and videos of unflattering close ups of my face, moving ferns, shadows and I also discovered that my cat likes to sleep in a hole in the forest rather than her bed! When you finally get the dream footage it is so rewarding.



Lucy Holland

Here is a video of two foxes checking out an out of use burrow, possibly their potential new home.

So far for 30 Days Wild I have enjoyed walking around the garden barefoot, I counted 106 bats leaving their sleeping site in the forest, I watched insects flying in and out of the insect home I set up, I marvelled at the wildflowers and sunflowers that I planted, photographed bees in the foxgloves, and I have adored listening to the orchestra of birds in the garden during my work break.

The 30 Days Wild campaign is challenging us to carry out a random act of wildness every day throughout June and you can still join and take part now.

The campaign has come at the perfect time as during this lockdown period, I know myself and many others have needed a connection with nature more than ever before.

Let us know what you have been up to using the hashtags #30DaysWild #RandomActsofWildness and tagging the The Wildlife Trusts and Gwent Wildlife Trust and 30 Days Wild on social media, you can even download the 30 Days Wild app!

I have a flock of wild activities lined up for this month, and I’ll be sharing weekly updates with Gwent Wildlife Trust about what I have been up to here in the Wye Valley.

Stay safe everyone and I trust you’ll keep it wild!