Staff speakers

GWT have a number of speakers available to give talks in and around the county of Gwent. Please see the table below for more information.


Speaker Role Subject Dates Location Fees Contact
GWT Speakers
Kathy Barclay Magor Marsh Community Officer GWT, Magor Marsh, education Working hours Gwent & beyond £1 per head, plus 45p per mile

01600 740600

Robert Magee

Fundraising Officer

The Bearded Birder Flexible Gwent & beyond Donation plus 45p per mile

01600 740600


Julia James Trustee

Thirty years and counting - my wild life with Gwent Wildlife Trust

Any Gwent Donation

01633 215627

Michael Kilner Surveyor and recorder Wildlife of Gwent, particularly invertebrates Evenings are best, also weekends Gwent & beyond £50 plus 45p per mile

Neville Hart

Usk to Wye Living Landscapes Manager  GWT, Living Landscapes, wildlife, and conservation issues   Gwent & beyond  £50 plus 45p per mile  

01600 740600


Lowri Watkins Water Vole Project Officer Water voles Flexible Gwent Donation plus 45p per mile

01600 740600

Richard Waller Chair of the Board of Trustes GWT, education Anytime Gwent Donation

Robert Waller Vice-Chair GWT   Gwent Donation

Keith Allen
Trustee Wildlife videos, Croes Robert Any Gwent & beyond Donation 01594 530386
Jeff Chard Living Valleys Volunteer  Otters, Kingfishers & wildlife experiences Weekdays anytime Gwent & beyond Donation

Image courtesy of Tom Marshall