Monmouthshire Natural Assets Project

Monmouthshire Natural Assets ProjectGreen-winged orchid (Graham Agg)

The Monmouthshire Natural Assets Project aims to help identify and support the care of some of the best places for wildlife in Monmouthshire – known as ‘Local Wildlife Sites'.

What is the Natural Assets Project?

The project seeks to work with the owners and managers of some of Monmouthshire's best places for wildlife known as 'Local Wildlife Sites', to improve their value and thereby secure these special sites for future generations. Project staff are able assist with wildlife surveys and management advice, plus help applicants with the associated grant scheme. A small grant scheme is available to help with projects that help restore or enhance Local Wildlife Sites. This could include money for fencing to help a neglected site be grazed, or restoring a dry-stone wall or hedgerow around a Local Wildlife Site.

It is a collaboration with Monmouthshire County Council and builds upon the work of Gwent Wildlife Trust, the Monmouthshire Meadows Group and the council on Local Wildlife Sites over the last 10 years.

The Project Aims to:

  • To support the preservation and enhancement of some of Monmouthshire’s best places for wildlife – known as Local Wildlife Sites.

  • To support this through the provision of small capital grants to landowners and local community groups to maintain and enhance these high value Natural Assets.

What’s on offer to landowners?

  • Free wildlife survey of your site - to determine whether it’s of Local Wildlife Site quality

  • Free wildlife and habitat management advice

  • Capital Grants Scheme (up to £2,000 per project) - to help support the enhancement and restoration of Local Wildlife Sites in Monmouthshire. For example fencing or water trough provision to enable wildflower-rich grassland to be sensitively grazed, restoring traditional field boundaries (hedge-laying, dry-stone wall restoration), invasive species control, management access works.

  • Local Wildlife Site landowner days, training events, & newsletter to help you learn more about the wildlife your land supports, and share experiences with other Local Wildlife Site owners.

For more information

Contact Andy Karran, Monmouthshire Natural Assets Project Officer, Gwent Wildlife Trust. Email: 

A project leaflet is available to download below.


The project is partly funded through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural
Development, under Axis 3 – the quality of life in rural areas and diversification of the rural economy and funding provided by the Welsh Assembly Government. It was one a suite of projects funded in this way.





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