charcoal gwent wildlife trustCharcoal Kiln at Croes Robert, cr Jan Kinchington

Charcoal is made locally at Croes Robert reserve, near Monmouth, using traditional methods. Charcoal used to be produced in many local woods (there are remnants of old burning sites at Croes Robert) but the decline in this rural craft has meant that much of the charcoal we see in the shops today, actually originates from SE Asia where production has been linked to the destruction of mangrove forests.

Charcoal Production

A form of woodland management called coppicing began in the Croes Robert woodland in 1994/95. Trees are cut down and then re grow from the base thus providing a self renewing source of wood. This was done to carry out the correct management of the woodland for dormice which are a protected and nationally rare species. Areas known as coupes are cut annually in the woodland on rotation to provide the mosaic of different aged woodland required by dormice. This management practice also benefits many other species other than dormice, such as fritillary butterflies.
Charcoal kiln, cr Roger James










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