Marine Legislation & Policy

Together, the Marine & Coastal Access Act (2009), Marine (Scotland) Act and forthcoming legislation in Northern Ireland could pave the way for Living Seas and revolutionise the way we manage them. But we cannot yet assume that the new laws will achieve everything needed.

The Marine and Coastal Access Act, which received Royal Assent in 2009, and the Marine (Scotland) Act which passed in 2010, plus forthcoming legisltation in Northern Ireland deliver new measures which could dramatically boost protection for our marine environment. Both pieces of legislation include a duty on the UK Government, the Welsh Government and the Scottish Parliament to create an ecologically coherent network of Marine Protected Areas in English, Welsh and Scottish waters.


The Wildlife Trusts in Wales are calling for the swift implementation of the Marine Act in Wales, to ensure decisions are made to protect marine wildlife for the future.  We are also working to ensure that marine issues are fully considered and integrated in all emerging legislation.  We work hard nationally and locally to make sure all new policies protect and enhance the marine environment.

Through Wales Environment Link's marine campaign, Wildlife Trusts Wales is working with RSPB Cymru, WWF Cymru, Marine Conservation Society and National Trust in Wales on a campaign to raise the profile of the need for sustainable marine management in Wales, and to push for the implementation of the Marine Act.

For more detail of the Marine & Coastal Access Act, see: