Gwent Wildlife Trusts works hard to protect the wildlife of Gwent. In some cases this means standing up for wildlife where the potential loss of wildlife, in many cases of European importance, is too great to just be lost without a fight to protect it.

Our campaign pages feature our current campaigns all of which are high profile cases that concern damaging proposals to a wealth of important wildlife here in Gwent.

Stop the Badger Cull

Badger Terry Longl

Bovine TB continues to cause untold heartache for our farming industry.  In these pages you can find information on the disease, the proposals for culling badgers, the Wildlife Trusts views on bovine TB and the current vaccination programmes taking place 

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M4 Relief Road

Gwent Wildlife Trust has been campaigning for over 10 years to stop the proposal for a new M4 being built across the nationally important Gwent Levels.  We are part of the Campaign Against the Levels Motorway (CALM) alliance that include GOS, RSPB, Friends of the Earth and CPRW.  

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Severn Barrage

Severn Estuary Karen Lloyd

The Severn Estuary is a fantastic place for wildlife, but is it the right place for renewable energy proposals such as the Severn Barrage? These pages discuss the proposals and what it might mean for the wildlife found there.

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Circuit Wales

The stunning upland landscape to the north of Rassau is threatened with a new development the size of Abergavenny.  Over 300 hectares of heathland, acid grassland and bog would be deystroyed and all the incredible wildlife with it, to make way for an International motorsport track.

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