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English to Welsh Translator

GWT CymraegGWT Cymraeg

Opportunity type: Admin/Office-based

Available: Any day

Frequency: Weekly

Duration: From 03/06/2019 to 03/06/2020

Gwent Wildlife Trust is seeking a Welsh language volunteer to help with English to Welsh translation.

Gwent Wildlife Trust is in the process of becoming a fully Welsh/English bilingual organisation. GWT has not historically been fully bilingual but over recent years we have been introducing bilingual resources such as signage, leaflets and other printed materials. We are commited to continuing this process and are embarking on a programme to bring more Welsh into our activities.

To help us with this process we are looking for a Welsh speaking volunteer to help translate some of our current documentation, new interpreation plus our website and digital services.

The role will be based at our head office in Dingestow near Monmouth but can also be home based.

At the moment we are producing translations within three days but sometimes we need them more quickly. For example if we want to send a social media post bilingually we require a translation on the same day. Therefore a Welsh speaking volunteer that can email us back within a few hours would be ideal. 



Contact details:

For more information please contact Robert Magee or 01600 740600


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