Our people

Magor Marsh staff and volunteers

Gwent Levels staff and volunteers, 2018

200 Volunteers
30 Staff
11 Trustees
30 Nature Reserves

Our Staff

We have 29 members of staff working from 2 sites across Gwent. 

Our staff team simply could not work without the dedication of our governing board, presidents, ambassadors and patrons, thousands of members, hundreds of volunteers, partner organisations and contractors, business people, teachers, local landowners and everyone else who champions nature conservation and supports our work in any way. 

Our Governing Council

We are governed by our elected Council of Trustees:

Chair - Alison Willott

Vice-Chair - Robert Waller

Secretary - Sue Finn

Treasurer - David Jones

Trustees - Keith Allen, Jonathan Stephens, Tom Clancy, Chris Duncan, David Rees, Natasha Harris, Rebecca Spooner 

Our Patron and Presidents

Patron - Iolo Williams

President Emeritus - Roger James

Vice-Presidents - Martin Anthoney, Julia James, Chris Hatch, Stephanie Tyler, Richard Waller

Local Groups

Gwent Wildlife Trust is supported by six Local Groups of volunteers. Each group is run independently and most of them host a series of walks, talks or work tasks at different times throughout the year. 

Our networks of people are the foundation of our ability to protect, enhance and restore vital habitats and ecosystems for wildlife in Gwent.

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