Usk to Wye

Usk to WyeNew Grove Meadows, G Bode

Our vision for Usk to Wye is a Living Landscape where the land between the River Usk and River Wye forms a wildlife-rich patchwork of interconnected habitats where species can move freely through the landscape.

The Landscape

Usk to Wye is a rural landscape of farmland, hedgerows, woodland, meadows and streams, with many villages throughout. The Rivers Usk and Wye are both designated as Special Areas of Conservation, giving them European importance for their migratory fish populations.

Fragments of species rich meadows and ancient woodland that were once widespread remain scattered across the landscape, with two significant areas of ancient woodland centred around Wentwood and along the Wye Valley.



We have identified a number of priority areas where we shall be focussing our efforts;

• Identify areas for restoration with maximum potential to increase connectivity, to create habitat networks focussing on woodland and hedges, species rich grassland and watercourses

• Use our Nature Reserves to demonstrate best practice restoration techniques (e.g. Wyeswood Common and Pentwyn Farm) and to show that farming and wildlife can co-exist

• Continue to develop relationships with landowners, schools and community groups and provide advice and incentives for habitat creation and restoration using the existing Local Wildlife Sites System

Dormouse, G Bode

• Continue to support landowners, community groups and special interest groups in managing land for wildlife

• Targeted habitat restoration work for dormouse and wildflowers– creating and managing sites to increase connectivity

• Harnessing biodiversity information to inform all opportunities for habitat restoration

• Work with local tourism and health initiatives to enhance people’s connection to the landscape and nature

Our current work in the area;

• Our flagship nature reserve at Pentwyn Farm lies at the north-eastern edge of the area and in 2008 Wyeswood Common a large dairy farm lying adjacent was purchased, demonstrating best practice land management for wildlife conservation and restoration.

• Seven additional nature reserves are managed for wildlife in the area and open to all to visit

• We run a Living Churchyards Project working with local communities to manage their churchyards for wildlife

• We have been working with over 300 landowners providing surveys and advice through our Local Wildlife Sites work

• Gwent Orchards Project surveying and mapping orchards, and providing advice to landowners. Please click HERE for more information about this project.

• Most recently we have recieved funding for the Monmouthshire Natural Assets Project that provides surveys, advice and grants to landowners who want to manage their land for wildlife.  Please click HERE for more information about this project.