Wildlife From Home competition

#WildlifeFromHome Competition

Red Admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta) feeding on Mexican orange blossom (Choisya ternata) - Nick Upton/2020VISION

Wherever you live each and every one of us is only a few feet away from nature in our neighbourhood, whether that’s in the garden, outside your window or in your street.
Now more than ever it’s a great time to truly connect and appreciate your wildlife neighbours.
Iolo Williams
Gwent Wildlife Trust Patron and #wildlifefromhome competition supporter

Spotted any of your nature neighbours during lockdown?  Is it wild outside your window? Are birds bursting into song in your backyard? 

Whatever #wildlifefromhome you’ve photographed or filmed during lockdown, now’s your chance to enter it in our new competition.

In response to the success of our Gwent Wildlife Spotting Facebook group  we’ve launched our #wildlifefromhome photography and video competition.  We’d love to see your entries of all kinds of wildlife from around Gwent that you’ve spotted during the lockdown.

Entry into our Gwent Wildlife Trust #wildlifefromhome competition is free and it runs until 31st July, 2020. Enter using the form below.
There are two age categories: Under 18 and Over 18 for both film or photographic entries.  All images and video submitted must have been taken between March 23 and July 31  this year and within your garden or local area. Full Terms and Conditions below.

A panel of Gwent Wildlife Trust judges will decide the winners and competition prizes will include wildlife books and other goodies. Winning entries will be announced on the Gwent Wildlife Spotting Facebook page, on this website and showcased at our AGM in the autumn.

Your details:
Category entered
If you are under 18 when competition starts on 1st May, 2020, tell us your age below to be entered in the u18 category.
If you are under 18 when competition starts on 1st May, 2020, tell us your age below to be entered in the u18 category.
Photocompetition terms and conditions
Details here
Small is beautiful! We're not looking at image resolution so please send a smaller file for a quicker upload. If you are unable to upload your photo via this webform, please ensure it is named with the title of the pic and photographer's name and email it to photocomp@gwentwildlife.org If your photo is a large file (e.g. more than 4Mb) we suggest using a file transfer website such as WeTransfer.
One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, png.

The #wildlifefromhome competition rules

Terms & Conditions

  • One single photograph or film entry per person ie. no more than one film and one photograph.
  • Please keep all films to no longer than two minutes.
  • The #wildlifefromhome competition is open to Gwent Wildlife Trust members and non-members alike.
  • The photograph/film must have been taken within Gwent in your garden, street or local neighbourhood and must comply with the government’s Covid-19  rulings.
  • Photographs and films can be submitted of any wildlife or nature taken between March  23  2020 and July 31 2020.
  • The categories are Film: a) Under 18 (the photographer/film maker must be 17 on  July  31, 2020); b) Over 18 and Photograph a) Under 18 (the photographer must be 17 on  July  31, 2020); b) Over 18
  •  Images or films must be submitted and owned by you.
  • Entries will only be accepted between March 23 2020 and midnight on July 31, 2020.
  • Entries must be submitted digitally via our webform. Images can be uploaded directly to the form and videos must be uploaded to You Tube and the url then uploaded to our webform.
  •  Entries must be accompanied by your full name, address, contact email address and phone number, your date of birth if under 18, a caption,  name of photograph/film, the  exact location of the photograph/film and the category and that you are entering eg. Under 18 film.
  • Entries can only be accepted under an individual’s name.
  • Under no circumstances should any wildlife be disturbed in order to take the shots and current Covid 19 government rulings must be adhered to. Extra care should be taken during breeding seasons. If our judges consider it likely that any animal has been disturbed, harassed, traumatised, hurt or injured in the process of you getting your picture, it will be disqualified from the competition for the year.
  • We will only allow changing contrast, tone, colour saturation, sharpness, removal of dust spots etc. Use of multiple exposure techniques will be permitted, providing it is done in-camera and not post-production.
  • Prior permission from the owner must be sought for any photographs/films taken on private land.
  • Permission and written consent must be obtained from any recognisable person featured in the photograph/film (consent to be included with the entry).
  • By submitting the photograph/film, you confirm that you are the copyright holder and creator of that image/video and that you will be responsible for any claims by any third party.
  • Copyright will remain with the photographer/filmmaker However, by entering this competition, the photographer agrees to Gwent Wildlife Trust using the image for our website, exhibitions, publications, social media, presentations or promotional uses not for commercial gain
  • The Judges’ decision is final.
  • The winners will be announced at the end of August 2020.