Action for Insects

Action for Insects

Our insects are in trouble

Insects are often an overlooked part of our natural world but without them we would be in serious trouble.

They are known for their role as pollinators and rightly so. As many as 87% of all plant species rely on animal pollination, with the majority of this delivered by insects, and they are responsible for pollinating a third of our food crops.

But they do so much more.

They recycle nutrients through our ecosystems, clean our waterways, provide a natural pest control and are a key part of all food chains with much of our wildlife, be it birds, bats, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals or fish, relying on them.  

So it is deeply concerning that in the UK, our insect populations have suffered drastic declines.

A report published in November 2019, Insect Declines and Why They Matter, brought together evidence that showed the loss of 50% or more of our insects since 1970, and the shocking reality that 41% of the Earth's remaining five million insect species are now 'threatened with extinction'.

The causes of these declines almost certainly include habitat loss, pesticide use and climate change. If we don’t take action now and stop these declines then we risk the collapse of our natural world.

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Take Action for Insects now

Whilst the news for insects is bleak, there remains much that can be done to bring about their recovery, but we need to act fast. To showcase what is needed, The Wildlife Trusts commissioned a report, Reversing the Decline of Insects, which looked at projects around the UK that are working hard to bring back insects.

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The good news is that everyone can play a part in their recovery. From individuals in their homes and gardens, to schools and community groups, to farmers and businesses, and local and national governments, we all need to become insect champions before it is too late.

Find out what you can do for insects today.


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Take Action for Insects at school

Our school guide will help your students to learn about insects and how to help their local environment. 

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A Wilder Future

To reverse the decline of insects and allow them to thrive once more, The Wildlife Trusts want to see at least 30% of land and seas properly connected, better protected and suitably managed for nature. Find out how you can help our mission to ensure a Wilder Future for all.

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