Drama and discovery day at Magor Marsh nature reserve

Friday 7th July 2017

Wind in the Willows by Dreamshed TheatreWind in the Willows by Dreamshed Theatre

Enjoy a Saturday afternoon at picturesque Magor Marsh, meeting real-life characters and creatures from the much-loved children’s classic, Wind in the Willows. Gwent Wildlife Trust (GWT) and friends hold their popular, Grand Summer Fun Day at their Magor Marsh reserve, on Saturday, July 15, from 1-5pm.

The day will be full of activities for all the family and Dreamshed Theatre Company will give tours of the reserve, as Wind in the Willows characters including Toad, Mole and Badger. Visitors can also see in the wild, the real-life inspiration for Ratty – endangered water voles – which live at Magor Marsh.

GWT’s Community Education Officer Kathy Barclay said: “Magor Marsh is a wonderful place to get inspired about nature and the environment.
“I can understand why Kenneth Grahame was so intrigued about what happens in the depths of the reeds and willows.
“People should come and see, the wonderful water voles, which were the inspiration for the much-loved Wind in the Willows character of Ratty. Or hear the rustle of the reeds as moorhens dart around and the loud arias of the sedge and reed warblers as they go about their day.
“Our Magor Marsh fun day aims to showcase a snapshot of nature’s story and we invite people of all ages to come along and be part of this action-packed day.”

During the fun day, GWT staff and volunteers will be on hand to help visitors get a closer look at the wildlife on the reserve, through water vole watching, pond dipping, bug hunting and bird watching. There will also be wildlife charity stalls, face painting and refreshment available too.

Admission is: £2 for adults (£1 for members), £1 for children or £5 per family. For more details see our What's On page or contact GWT’s Kathy Barclay on 01633 889048.

The reserve is accessible by foot from Magor village – look out for fun day signs on the day. The number 61 bus stops near the reserve and there is also car parking.