Lottery for Wildlife 2017 is open!

Lapwing, cr Andy Karran

What is Lottery for Wildlife (formerly Wildlife Winners) all about? Each entry into GWT's Lottery for Wildlife costs £1 each month. This £1 earns you a place in the Wildlife Winners draw, held at the end of each month. The lucky winner will receive 30% of the income for that month. The remaining 70% goes towards a special project chosen each year to receive extra support!

2017’s Lottery for Wildlife is the Heads of the Valleys Lapwing Project, part of the Living Valleys Living Landscape scheme incorporating sites in Tredegar, Blaenafon and Brynmawr. In the past, this area has supported healthy populations of lapwings, attracted to the marshy ground and largely open areas found in the post-industrial uplands. Lapwings are faithful to their breeding grounds and will try to return to within 10km of previous breeding areas. Sadly, populations of these birds with their characteristic ‘pee-wit’ call have plummeted locally. Development of existing and historic breeding areas has drastically reduced the availability of suitable and safe habitats and some sites have only one or two breeding pairs returning – not enough to keep them safe from predators.

The Heads of the Valleys Lapwing Project will restore habitats for lapwings, creating scrapes that will hold water and attract insects for the birds to eat, managing vegetation so that it provides cover for chicks but doesn’t become overgrown and removing old fence posts to make it more difficult for predators to find the birds.

To enter

Each ticket costs £1 per month or £12 per year. If you wish to buy more than one ticket, please multiply the costs accordingly. It would be a great help if you could pay by standing order, in which case, please download and print the Lottery for Wildlife 2017 Entry Form at the bottom of the page, fill in all the relevant bank details and return the form to us at: Gwent Wildlife Trust, Seddon House, Dingestow, Monmouth NP25 4DY. We’ll do the rest! This method gives you complete control over the process and you can cancel the mandate at any time by contacting your bank. (Most banks allow you to do this instantly online.)

If you prefer to pay by cheque, please also download and print the Lottery for Wildlife form, leave the bank details section blank and include a cheque made payable to Gwent Wildlife Trust, for £12 for each annual ticket that you wish to purchase and return it with the form to the address above. We will send you a reminder each year to let you know when your subscription is due.

For more information, please contact Sarah on 01600 740600 or email Sarah at

To view previous project beneficiaries please see the downloadable updates at the bottom of this page.

How do my contributions help?

By contributing to this project you are helping the ‘Heads of the Valleys Lapwing Project' become a real Lottery for Wildlife winner! You will be directly supporting our staff and volunteers in this vital work. The bonus is that improving sites for lapwings also benefits lots of other wildlife, particularly amphibians, insects and a variety of other birds.

Lapwings are hanging on by a thread but it’s not too late if we act now.


Lapwing images courtesy of Andy Karran (Top and above)                                                            




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