Vine House Farm bird food

Sparrow Gwent Wildlife TrustSparrow feeding, cr Jon Prince

The Wildlife Trusts have joined forces with Vine House Farm to help generate income for The Wildlife Trusts from the sales of bird seed from Vine House Farm's catalogue.

By buying your bird seed from the Vine House Farm catalogue which we send to you in your January mailing, you are helping to support Gwent Wildlife Trust as Vine House Farm have promised to donate 5% of their takings to us.

And don't worry, if your friends or relatives from out of our county use your catalogue - you can be sure that their local wildlife trust will benefit directly from that purchase.

Stephanie Hillborne, OBE and Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trusts, says, "Vine House Farm is a wonderful example of how farmland can be managed to encourage wildlife as a central part of a successful and productive farm business. The clear commitment of the Watts family to wildlife makes Vine House Farm Bird Foods the natural partner for us as we go forward."

Since 2007, the total raised through the partnership has passed £1.000,000. This money has supported local Wildlife Trusts to enhance wildlife and special places in your neighbourhood.

And if you can't wait for the catalogue, you can always order online here.