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Removing sharp edges

Posted: Sunday 9th December 2018 by Twheatear

The sharp edge of Strawberry Cottage Wood

Trying to make a gentler woodland edge...

For wildlife, one of the most valuable parts of a woodland is its edge. Here a range of different vegetation types – from the adjoining fields, through bushes to mature trees – can be found within a short distance. For animals and birds that need different kinds of vegetation to feed, roost and breed the woodland edge can provide all their requirements in a small area.

Unlike natural woodland, our Strawberry Cottage Wood reserve doesn’t have a gradual edge but an abrupt one: one side of the boundary fence there is meadow, the other, mature trees. To provide better resources for wildlife, we’ve cut down an area of scrubby trees just inside the wood to make a clearing running up the hillside. It was immediately obvious that this will let in more sunlight in. In time, we hope that this will help a more natural – and more wildlife-friendly – woodland edge to develop.

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