Corporate £50 Challenge

Corporate challengeCorporate challenge

The Corporate £50 Challenge is Gwent Wildlife Trust's annual fundraising challenge for businesses. Every year, local businesses take a £50 seed fund and pit their wits against each other to raise as much funds as they can over a 12 week period.

This year, 14 businesses from all over Gwent participated in the fundraising competition, having great fun as a team whilst raising funds for their local wildlife trust.

We're delighted to congratulate the winner of this year's challenge, Bluebird Book-keeping from Cardiff. Owner Gillian Ormiston successfully completed a swim challenge, raising £306 in sponsorship with support from her colleagues at BNI Quinnell Chapter. She said,

“Because I'm currently a one person company (so not very corporate!) I challenged myself to swim 50 consecutive lengths of front crawl in less than 50 minutes, on or before the 31st August. This was a real challenge for me because, although I can swim breaststroke endlessly, I've never been able to swim front crawl. Seeing my donation pot going up worked wonders for my motivation while I was training.”

GWT would like to thank all businesses who took part:
Ancre Hill Estates, Ashley HR Consultancy, Bluebird Bookeeping, Ed Fitzgerald Coaching, Field Training Services, Forte Music Distribution, ask4leasing, Heath Vets, NFU Mutual Abergavenny, Penarth Management, Rockadove, Therapease Ltd and UHY Hacker Young.

We invite anyone who would like to find out about how to support the local environment with their business to get in touch:, 01600 740600  

How it works:

We will provide your organisation with seed funding of £50 and the challenge is to see how much you can raise with it in 12 weeks. You could run fundraising events at work, invest it on the stock market, auction items, set sporting challenges or organise social activities to raise money. In fact you can do absolutely anything you like, as it is ethical and legal.

Business benefits:

  • Team-building—across departments or sites
  • Great local publicity
  • Fun and motivating for staff
  • Support your local natural environment

Email: or call Debbie on 01600 740600 to find out more.


We appreciate the support of challenge sponsors: 

Ancre Hill Estates